Monday, April 28, 2014

The Return of CR

After one year*, I am back.  I think.  This site is still under construction, so it will change from time-to-time whenever I get around to it.  The current Blogger Template used is kinda, sorta what I want, but not exactly; I know what I want (generally speaking), but while CSS styling is not too difficult to learn, it is involved.  And while there are some "auto HTML formatting" programs out there, most (if not all) of them really like to add in a bunch of unnecessary code (ever use one for some simple HTML coding?  I have - it is much messier than needed), so they are not the best things to use when trying to learn or edit existing HTML/CSS stuff.  And of course then there's the old "non-standard standard" implementation of HTML (I'm looking at YOU, Microsoft - if you had done things CORRECTLY in the first place, IE wouldn't need a "compatibility view" button) and CSS, which is why viewing things out in the web can be...all over the place, depending on which browser you are using.

But I digress...

Not that there's necessarily a point to this post.  Although, I suppose I should at least have some content that is related to DDO.  And with that, I give you the following:

Since the demise of MyDDO and the migration of my (what was a more-or-less dedicated DDO) blogging to a non-dedicated DDO platform, I have decided that "Chez CR" is no longer a (more-or-less) dedicated DDO blog.  I shall take a cue from Geoff Hanna (aka "Mr. Haiku", "Mr. Halfling Commando", "Greg Hanana", and other pseudonyms) and 'convert' it to a more generalized "gaming" and "whatever else I feel like posting" blog.  But mostly "gaming".  Probably.

In any case, much like my MyDDO blog, don't look for daily updates from me, 'cuz you will be disappointed.  Which is not to say that I won't ever have any back-to-back postings in a few consecutive days, but they shall be the exception, and not the rule.

If they ever occur.

*While my last MyDDO post was on March 30, 2013, I believe the MyDDO website was officially shut-down on April 29, 2013.  In any case, it's "close enough" to being one year, no matter how you slice it.