Saturday, August 30, 2014


So I was spending a lot of time today consolidating all my old hard drives* onto my new, portable 1 TB hard drive.  One of them happens to be my old Windows 98SE local gaming network** hard drives.  One of the games we like to play was "Warcraft" - specifically, it was "Warcraft II - BNE" (that's "Battle.Net Edition").

It had, what was at the time at least (so far as I know), a rather...unique utility.  It allowed you to substitute most (all?) of the pre-made sound files in the game with (just about) any WAV file you wanted.  There were specific triggers associated with the various sound files - spawning units, moving units, attacking units, and of course - dying units.  Each and every type of unit in the game had its own set of triggers/sound files, so you could select which unit/trigger you wanted to change.  I think we only changed one...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Is There Anything Worse

...than unsorted lists.  Of course there are, but unsorted lists (including, if not especially, multi-column "lists", aka "tables") are one of my (many?) pet peeves (maybe it's the engineer in me [*burp* - 'scuse me...], but unsorted lists just grind my gears [pun intended].  And what does one feed a pet peeve anyway?  "Peeve Chow"?).  How hard is it to sort - or at least allow to be sorted - a list (in this post "list" also refers to "tables")?  And yet, it seems that unsorted lists are on the rise.  Are today's coders just lazy?  Did no one ever bother to teach them about sorting functions?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


{For clarification, it is not I who is backpedaling.}

So once again that most dreaded of all 4-letter words (W-O-R-K) has kept me else-wise busy and unable to post.  Well, OK, not entirely "unable", but it still has been keeping me quite busy.  Which is, of course, on the one hand, good - seeing as how I am not independently wealthy - but on the other hand...not so much as it interferes with my "free" time.  But I digress...