Wednesday, August 13, 2014


{For clarification, it is not I who is backpedaling.}

So once again that most dreaded of all 4-letter words (W-O-R-K) has kept me else-wise busy and unable to post.  Well, OK, not entirely "unable", but it still has been keeping me quite busy.  Which is, of course, on the one hand, good - seeing as how I am not independently wealthy - but on the other hand...not so much as it interferes with my "free" time.  But I digress...

I had previously posted that, according to Cordovan, "Heroic sagas are not meant to be completed more than once per life, and cannot be repeated...."  However, it seems that (presumably) after some push-back from the DDO community, there is now a reversal.  According to this new post, the GH heroic saga *is* (supposed to be) repeatable.  Additionally, it looks like all other heroic sagas will also be repeatable once again.

'Bout time.  Having that "only once per life" was/is incredibly, um, "not the brightest" decision by the devs.  {You can read my other post on why I believe this.}  Still, it's good to see that this bad decision has been re-evaluated and changed (or will change "SOON™") back to being repeatable.

Now, if you read a bit further in Cordovan's post, you will see that they are thinking about adding the 3-day raid timer cool-down on (at least some of the) heroic sagas.  I'm OK with this.  It's not exactly back to how they were originally released, but so what?  If it helps to prevent the "abuse" (perceived or otherwise) for the completion awards and does not unfairly penalize the players (as the "once per life" mechanic did, IMO), then I say it's a good thing.  Heck, put a raid timer on *all* sagas, for all I care.  {Granted, others may not like that idea, but - meh.}

In any event, one of the great things about MMOs (generally speaking) is that things can change.  Not all changes are good, of course, but they can be changed back or modified to where they are at least palatable to the majority of the player-base.  Such is the case here; the original change from "repeatable ad nausea at will" to "once per life" was not a good change.  Changing it back to repeatable is a good change; adding the 3-day raid timer should at least be palatable, if not good, for a majority of players.

Not that I speak for the majority of players, mind you, but I can't think of a reasonable argument against the 3-day raid timer addition to curb the perceived end-reward abuse.  I think it's better than nerfing the end rewards to the point of "why bother".

Of course, there is still that possibility, too - but I hope not.


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  2. I like sagas too. I'm not as hot about repeating them, I could see an argument that says we shouldn't be repeating any sagas, epic or heroic. But if any are repeatable it makes sense that they all are.

  3. I definitely agree as well, all of the sagas should be repeatable and it didn't make any sense to me as why they shouldn't be.