Saturday, August 30, 2014


So I was spending a lot of time today consolidating all my old hard drives* onto my new, portable 1 TB hard drive.  One of them happens to be my old Windows 98SE local gaming network** hard drives.  One of the games we like to play was "Warcraft" - specifically, it was "Warcraft II - BNE" (that's "Battle.Net Edition").

It had, what was at the time at least (so far as I know), a rather...unique utility.  It allowed you to substitute most (all?) of the pre-made sound files in the game with (just about) any WAV file you wanted.  There were specific triggers associated with the various sound files - spawning units, moving units, attacking units, and of course - dying units.  Each and every type of unit in the game had its own set of triggers/sound files, so you could select which unit/trigger you wanted to change.  I think we only changed one...

Back in the (very) early days of "South Park", when it was actually kind of funny (and not the steaming pile is now), there was (still is, I guess) a character named "Kenny".  Kenny had the worst luck of anyone, because in nearly every single episode (the only exception during the first season was the Christmas episode - there have since been a few others) he dies.  Well, more correctly, he's killed.  And following his death, two of his friends would utter what would become one of the most memorable phases in all of television.  Guess who had a WAV file of those phrases...

So we set it up to trigger whenever a peon was killed.  It was great - here we'd be playing and our peons cutting wood and mining the mines and then the computer would come swooping in killing them off.  And so every few seconds, those phases would be triggered and you'd hear a string of them one right after the other; over, and over (and over) again.  You'd think it would get old after a while,  but it never seemed to; all night long you'd hear it trigger and just about every time it did at least one of use would chuckle.

I honestly don't know of very many games that actually allow you to customize sounds.  I *think* Starcraft might have, but we never set it up to do so.  Only on Warcraft.

I think I just might have to dig up that old WAV file.  Should be easier, now that everything's all consolidated onto one hard drive...

* What?  Doesn't everybody keep *ALL* of their old hard drives?  What do you mean "No."??  That's just crazy talk...

** Literally - two friends and I set up a network in one of their basements and we'd get together most Friday nights for some gaming.  And, no, we were not in high school - our host was married (the basement was designated as "his" domain - the rest of the house was "hers" [as is typical]) and both of them were former Marines.

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  1. Mizz wazz hurzz30 August, 2014 19:17

    I still find the show to be decently funny. Admittedly, it hasn't been as funny in the last couple seasons. Mostly because of Cartman. He's become a bit much and I've reached the point where I actually hope they kill him off.