Friday, September 12, 2014

Goodbye, Mabar - We Hardly Knew Ya

According to this post, Mabar is gone for good, never to return again - it is "being scrapped".

*Sigh*  Bummer.  I like Mabar.  Um..."liked".  Although, I must say that I preferred the original version to the latest incarnation.  The separate level-ranged instances were OK; it allowed my lower level toons to fight higher level mobs to see how well they fared rather than just vanquishing the "level appropriate"spawns.  But mostly I didn't like the addition of the Shadar-Kai.  I mean, we "just" 'discovered' them over in Wheloon, yet somehow they've managed to find a way to Eberron in time for Mabar?  I'm not one who (usually) cares about lore, but that just felt wrong, to me.

Of course, I also didn't care for the fact that my L20+ fighter had a heck of a time against even ONE giant skellie...but that's a different story.  Kinda.

Anyway, there is a replacement scheduled to be released sometime next year, with the same rewards, but that's next year.

There are those who want the graveyard back (with all the spawns), regardless of whether the spectral dragon raid is there (which is thought to be the main cause of the "Lag-bar two-step" performance issues) because they like the ambiance for the Halloween season.  I wouldn't mind that myself, even if they didn't bother providing any drops.  It'd basically be a seasonal wilderness area.  Though I would like to see the red-names give out something for defeating them.  I have no idea what, but...something.  Maybe they could be guarding a level-appropriate random chest...

Of course the biggest loss is the +5 stat tome reward.  I could really use a bunch of those.  But then again, there was only "one stat tome per customer" last year.  I have no idea if that was supposed to be a "once per life" or "once per year" kind of thing.  I was hoping the later, of course, but guess it's moot, now.  And yes, I still have a couple of toons who were not able to acquire the +5 stat tome reward.

Which brings us back to "bummer".  And, of course, "*sigh*".


  1. I had a love-hate relationship with that place. Mostly love.
    Glad that the items that came from there will find their way to its successor. Let's hope that they also give a transfer mechanism for those who've collected lots of ingredients to use them in the new place.

  2. I won't miss the event, but I will miss the chance to finish my loot.

  3. I'm going to miss event myself as well. I'm hoping, as many others, that the collectibles will be usuable or kept the same for this new event.