Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frustration, Guild Style

Loot or guild renown?  That decision is easy...when you aren't given a choice.

Geoff Hanna says he has the worst loot luck...but then he turns around and rolls (2) "jackpots" - in a row, mind you - with the daily dice.  Me?  I got nothin'...'specially on Argonnessen.

Here it is +30% guild renown bonus weekend, so I log-in to Argo to grab some nice, fat guild renown  bonuses to get my little, one-man guild up closer to level 10.  I even run quests under level in hopes of getting more than just "heroic deeds".  But it didn't work.  In fact, while running some of the Gianthold quests (did I mention I was under level?), I found most of the in-quest chests had no renown whatsoever.  Not to mention that the end reward list for "Prisoner of the Planes" (PoP) had none, either.

*Grumble* *grumble* *grumble*

Wouldn't have been as bad had I at least pulled some decent loot.  But, no.  No named loot; not even anything "useful" - for me.  Maybe someone else will find it useful - it's all on the AH, at reasonable prices, too.

Well, at least going around and killing a bunch of mobs gave some minor renown.  I did manage to eke out enough to go from high-level 7 to just cracking level 8 (which was only about 1.5k total).  Good thing I didn't spend any TP on a guild elixir, 'cuz that would have made it suck even that much more.


  1. Honestly, in my experience, during guild renown weekends, renown seems to appear on reward lists significantly less than on non renown weekends.

  2. I've always thought the guild renown drop rates are lower on bonus weekends. Quite annoying :-/

  3. Sagas, my friend, sagas!

  4. Which is one reason I was running GH, seeing it was the only saga I remembered as being in my level range (I'd forgotten they added a "pirate-themed" heroic saga with e3BC).

  5. It does feel that way, at least. Probably isn't really, but just seems to be...

  6. I can understand the frustration for sure!! Guild renown for me is always hit and miss. There will be days where I do really well, pulling plenty of impressive trophies and then the next day getting absolutely nothing but the little renown you get from kills...