Thursday, November 20, 2014

40th Anniversary Cards Accepted Here

With Crunch Time upon us, and me still looking to fill-out my image galleries on several all servers, if any of you would like to "donate to the cause" (so to speak), here is which cards I am looking for, and to whom you can send them, via the in-game mail system.  {By golly, I do believe that sentence needs even more commas in it...}

Looking to borrow* the following cards, on *all* servers:

Type IX (Lloth)
Type X (Tiamat)**
Type XI (The Dungeonmaster)***

Also looking to borrow*, on Argonnessen, Wayfinder, and Khyber:

Type VI (Grell)
EDIT:  Correction - Need type IV (Mimic) on Argo

Additionally, looking to crunch† on Thelanis:

Type X (Tiamat)

The "Who's Who" (of me me):

Wayfinder, Sarlona, and Orien:  HixtoJr
Argonnessen:  Tylandi
Cannith:  Zbran
Thelanis:  Gustar
Khyber:  Ferowulf
Ghallanda:  Xenowulf

Be advised:  HixtoJr (all of his incarnations) has zero money.  Yep, that's right, not even 1 copper.  He was rolled-up expressly for the cards, using Vet I status; he's "fresh" off the boat and has not stepped foot inside even one quest.  So if you mail him something to borrow (meaning, you want it back), he can't pay the postage.

My thanks to anyone who helps - I owe you one.  Not sure what I can do to pay you back, but I do owe you one.

* Yes, borrow.  I will return it - unless you don't care if you get it back, in which case, just let me know.  I am also open to buying these cards, if you wish to sell.  Name your price and if it's reasonable (to me) and I have it, it's yours.  I'm also open to 'renting' the cards for a nominal (that's "nominal", not "phenomenal") fee.  See the note about HixtoJr, above.

** Except on Argo.  I was actually able to pull (2) type X cards on Argo.  So if you would like to borrow one, that can be arranged.

*** As you (should) know, type XI can be obtained from combining a type IX and a type X.  So if you don't have any type XIs, but have plenty of types IX and/or X...

† Which means I would not be able to return it, so "not borrow".  Gifting would be super nice.  Selling is fine - hopefully we can reach a mutually-agreeable price.


  1. Maybe I'll log in "soon" and see if there's a red box and I'll give you whatever cards I get

  2. Good luck Chez on getting the image library all complete :)