Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who Let the Mimics Out?

SHHHHHH!!!!!!  Be very, very quiet - I'm huntin' mimics!

The hunt is on:  mimics have been spotted all over Eberron...and the Forgotten Realms, too.  Strange how this infestation spans two worlds (I wonder if there are any other planes they've gotten to, too...).  And their proliferation rate is mind-boggling - they seem to just spring up out of holes in the ground (maybe they're related to tribbles...).

Mimics are shape-shifters; they can assume any form, though for some reason, they seem to prefer looking like treasure chests.  And while I know this is a popular shape for them to assume, I would love to see them take on more disguises in DDO:  a lever, a trap control box, a door, or even (dare I suggest) a rest shrine (how cool would that be - "I'll just rest up before the next figh...AHHHH!!!").  But that probably won't happen, simply because of the time it would take to make the different animations for the various "things" that could be mimics (which is pretty much anything).

Though I'm not too keen on some of the decisions* made regarding the mimic hunt event, I am enjoying it.  But either the spawn rates need to be increased, the mote drop amounts need to be increased, and/or the event needs to run much, much longer.  'Cuz there's no way I'm going to be able to collect all the cards, on all servers.

At least, not on my own.

* Like having to buy (another) a trading card bag - you guys already made one for last year, and you knew it was possible that more trading cards could (and probably would) make additional appearances, so why make it so small?  Especially when storage space is severely lacking** already.  Or the seemingly low "lost mote" drop rate - I mean, seriously?  One mote per mimic (unless I've been having very, very, very bad luck on mote rolls - which is possible, as my roll luck lately has been abysmal)?  Why not a random amount between 1 and 10?  Especially considering you get random cards when turning motes in (10 at a time).  And unless you know that there is a table of rewards in the wiki, you'll also wind up with 'random' rewards (until you figure out the loot table yourself).  And I already have my assortment of "cloaks of night", thank-you very much.  And I'm afraid the event is just too short for me to run on all my toons (unlike Mabar, where I could pretty much run them all and get the items I wanted) - so I'll be limiting myself to just one toon, on one server.  Which sucks.

** Oh sure, I could just sell all of that nice loot I have but never use (but, but, but...maybe I'll TR some day and need that - I can't just get rid of it...), but that would be wrong***.

*** Wouldn't it?  Feels wrong, at least.


  1. Getting one of each on _any_ server is a tough slog. I spent a lot of the weekend farming and trading and still don't have an VIII or X.

    Trying to get a complete set on _every_ server ... I just can't imagine the pain.

  2. I've got a few VIII's on Argo and Thelanis, so if you want one on either of those servers, let me know.

    Also - Stormreaver's Fresco (shhhhh).