Sunday, March 15, 2015

NWO Delays EE Launch

NWO's "Elemental Evil" module, which was scheduled to launch this Tuesday (3/17), has been delayed.

The new launch date is tentatively set for April 7.  This may be good news for ESO, as it is set to "re-launch" itself as "ESO: Tamriel Unlimited" on Tuesday (3/17).

With conflicting dates, one would have to choose which to play - new content, or a new game.  Granted, one still needs to purchase the ESO title, but it is now a one-time purchase with no monthly subscription required (but are still available as an option).  Now, one can simply go check-out ESO (assuming they have bought the game) on the 17th, and still not miss NWO's new content premiere.

Unlike a lot of gamers, I don't care if I'm "in" on the premiere dates of new content or not.  Yes, I know that often drop-rates are increased the first few days to generate some buzz, but I do have a real life that tends to get in the way of such things.  So, I get around to it when I get a round to it; if that doesn't happen to be until after the next content is release (or even later), so be it.

Don't get me wrong, I like new content as much as the next gamer - I'm just not as...obsessed with it, as some others.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the new "free-to-play*" re-launch of ESO (I'd already purchased the game pre-original-launch, in anticipation of them going non-subscription).  I would have 'skipped' NWO's inaugural launch date anyway.  Not to play ESO, mind you (I will not be there on their re-launch date, except maybe just long enough to create a character), but because I have a guild commitment on DDO for Tuesday nights.  But even if I didn't have a previous commitment, I would have chosen ESO's re-launch over NWO's new content anyway.

Because Mondays are NWO night.

* Some call it "buy-to-play" ('cuz you have to buy the game in order to play it), but to me, the "playing" is still free.  But I see their point.

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