Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Few, The Proud, The...Edited?

As of today, I have a rare distinction.

There is a well-known DDO blogger, who shall remain nameless (not for her - or his - sake, but just because I don't want to name names), who has, on prior occasions, made it known that he - or she - rarely edits comments.  Well, today I was edited - which I guess puts me in an elite group (woohoo?).

Mind you, not that I was trying to be thrust into such an exclusive list, but there it is.  So what was edited?  Well, it was a pejorative (though it can also be an adjective).  Probably one of the most mild of pejoratives, mind you, but technically one nonetheless.  Funny thing is, I was debating myself whether to put it in or not.  Ultimately, I figured, "Why not?"  Oops...(hehehe)

For the record, I'm not upset about it - I find it humorous.

...And it gave me a quick little post topic, too.


  1. You are half of the entire population :)

  2. An exclusive club, indeed!