Monday, July 6, 2015

Tales from PnP: The Rules of Adventuring

So the question of the week in issue #149 of the DDO Chronicle is:  "What is the first rule of adventuring?"  Which got me thinking back to the days of yore* and our little PnP group.  For we actually *had* a list of "The Rules of Adventuring".

I honestly cannot remember all of them - wish I could.  But they were based on all the adventuring-related things we learn from TV shows, movies, and other places.  And we decided that rule numero uno should be:

Which, coincidentally**, was my response (and the first response, I might add) to the weekly Chronicle question.

Some of the other rules, as best as I can remember them, were (in no particular order):

If you hear scary music playing, DON'T GO IN!.

Never wear high-heels while questing (especially in the forest).

When maze running, remember the left-hand rule†.

When given a choice of turning left or right, never choose right††.

 To survive, you do not need to outrun the monster, you need only outrun your slowest party member.

If it looks like a trap, feels like a trap, sounds like a trap, smells like a trap, and tastes like a trap, it's a trap.

Never trust evil.

There were probably others, but I just cannot remember them.  I'm sure someone had them written down.  I may have them...somewhere around here, but I have no idea where.


Oh, well.

* Sometimes, I think it should be the "days of mine"...

** OK, OK - it wasn't a coincidence that that was my answer.  But it was coincidence (or just really good timing on my part) that it was the FIRST response.

† You can use the right-hand rule, if you want.  It's just that most people are right-handed, so their weapon is usually in the right-hand.  But the basic rule is: put your (left) hand on the wall and follow the wall.  Most of the time, you will find the exit this way.  It may take a while, but it usually works.

†† ...or was it "never choose left"?  Gah!  I can't remember.  I think it was "right".  It seemed to never fail that the traps and other nasty things were always to the right.  (Or was it left?)

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