Thursday, November 5, 2015

Seasonal Sale and New Game Client (The Way it Should Be)

GoG is having their annual "Big Fall Sale" event,
which will end at 1:59 PM (GMT) on November 15, 2015.  But from now until then, your favorite* old games can be purchased for up to 90% off.

No, that is not a typo.

Of course, not *all* games will be 90% off, but some will.  Others may "only" be 75% or 66% off.  Still, huge savings are possible.  New deals start every 12-hours and new bundles every 24-hours.

They may not have every game ever made, but the do have a huge selection:  "Myst", "Bloodrayne", every D&D PC** game, the "Elder Scrolls" series...even some newer "old" games, like the "Witcher" series.  And the best part (IMO) - every game they do have is 100% DMR-free.  On top of that, they are patched and tested to run on modern† hardware.

But wait!  There's more!

How many of you, like me, hate the idea of having a mandatory game client you have to subscribe to, install, and run - like Steam - as well as maintain an internet connection, just to play a game on your computer?  How many of you, like me, hate that Steam collects and tracks personal information about the games you play?  And yet, how many of you wouldn't necessarily mind being able to connect with friends and chat online in a comprehensive game client while playing?  Fear not - GoG has you covered:

Introducing GoG Galaxy - the game client the way all game clients should be:  completely optional.

Not only is the game client itself optional, but just about every feature in the client is optional.  Don't like "achievements"?  No problem - turn 'em off.  Want the "matchmaker" feature to find somebody else on-line for you to play with (or against)?  Turn it on!  It even has a function that allows you to play with Steam members - provided the game is cross-play enabled.

Yes, reading up on (and watching the video‡ about) GoG Galaxy, I cannot help but think that this is they way games clients should have been like from the beginning.  If Steam wasn't such an intrusive pile of...code, I might have signed-up.  As it is, I REFUSE to own any game that requires Steam (which, unfortunately, includes the latest versions of "Thief" and "Tomb Raider"...for now).  But GoG Galaxy?  I am considering it.  It is currently version 1.1, so I will wait a while.

But I am considering it...

* Well, OK, it's possible "your" favorite is not listed (yet), but I would bet dollars to doughnuts that you could find at least one game you'd like to have.

** And some Mac games, too.  Not every game is available on both platforms, but if you bought a Mac that's your own fault (hehehe).

† It is also possible that if you are "one of those" nerds or geeks who has to have the very latest and greatest hardware and OS version just as soon as they come out, they may not run on your system.  BUT - many old Win 95/98, NT, 2k, and XP games have been patched to run on Win7.  Windows 10 is probably too new, but then, since I don't have Win 10 (nor will I, unless something forces me to upgrade), I don't care.  Pffftttt!!

‡ Click the "Discover Our Vision" button on the page.

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