Friday, March 4, 2016

The King is Dead - Long Live the King

Well, he wasn't exactly a "king"...and technically, he's not "dead"...and the new guy really isn't a "king", either...

But then, there really isn't a famous phrase for handing over leadership of a guild, so the metaphor is still accurate.  My guild on Cannith has a new leader.  Well, I suppose technically, it's an old leader.  And even though I'm no longer leader, it's still my guild, just not "my" guild.  But then, I never really thought of it as "my" guild, even though it always has been my guild.  Well, "always" as in from the day I accepted the invitation to join.

In any event, I am happy to announce that I have willingly - and cheerfully - returned leadership to our founder, Shindurza.  He had taken a leave of absence from DDO for a while, which is how I ended up as leader in the first place, but he's back.  And though he's been back for a while, he never demanded leadership from me.  In fact, it seems he was content to allow me the privilege of remaining leader for as long as I wanted.  And I was happy to be leader to ensure our guild would still be around, but I'm just as happy to return the reigns, so to speak, back to him.

And if he decides to once again take a break from DDO, I plan on still being here, so if need be I could step back in to ensure our guilds survival.

But honestly, I hope that won't be needed.

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