Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Last Cake

I've been running epic content on my ranger for a while now because guildies have decided they want to Epic Reincarnate (why the community has decided to abbreviate this by eTR, instead of eR or ER, I don't know...) and I didn't have enough Commendations of Valor (CoVs) or Heart Seeds (HSs) to do so.  Not to mention I wasn't at cap when this was decided (but I wasn't going to mention that).

But I've since reached cap and been running EE to get HSs.  Not that I have to run on EE to get HSs, mind you, but it's also a nice way to challenge oneself.  I honestly don't care if I can run EE solo* or not; my preference is to run with guildies whenever possible, most of the time (though I do enjoy the occasional solo outing, as well) and whatever difficulty they want to run is fine (as long as it's not casual - because I scoff as "casual" *scoff* - hehehe).

In any event, and for whatever reason, I've been running the 'original*' epic content on EE lately and the latest was the Vault of Night (VoN) flagging chain.  Yesterday, it was "Haywire's Foundry".  So me and my hireling** blasted through most of it relatively unscathed, until we got to the color wheels and I took too long to solve them (because it had been 'forever' since I had to solve them and I was not using the wiki).  My hire died, but I was able to set-off the self destruct and proceeded to carry her soul stone as we made our way out of the complex.

I was trying to zerg past most mobs and was thankful for the break-a-way floor that they ran into, which allowed me some breathing space.  But there were, of course, more mobs after that.  And instead of trying to fight the fire ellies and lower the bridge, I went straight for jumping across the chasm and into the 'safe zone' where Haywire was waiting. turns out it's not so safe.

For whatever reason (probably because I jumped instead of lowering the bridge), the blast doors did not close.  Now, I know there is a way to open/close the blast doors, once your inside, by messing with the controls (you know, the ones Haywire tells to you to stop messing with if you do mess with them), but I could not get them to close.  But that's OK - we survived the blast.

But what I did not expect was that (3) of the Mithral Defenders and (1) Greater Fire Elemental would somehow appear in the room.  How they made it in, I do not know because the bridge was still up.  And before I realized there were there or that my HP were falling, *ding*.  And there are no shrines at the end.

Great.  Epic quest, not quite completed (because I did not grab the lightning rod), and I'm dead (and the hire was still dead, too).  Even though the self-destruct had gone off, I suppose I could have released and re-run through the last part of the quest, but no.  I look through my inventory and there it was - my last cake.

Contemplating eating it and grabbing the rod to end the quest went through my mind and had this been non-epic, I probably would have (as the three defenders and elemental were still there).  But then there's that nice, epic chest - the one with tokens and token fragments and potentially seals and/or shards...

Do I raise my hire and hope I can get her to raise me before the mobs kill her?  Or do I  use it myself and take out the mobs?  I opt for the later.

I hide behind...something (bookcase?  column?  I don't recall...), eat that delicious*** cake, come back and kill the elemental first, jump up onto the bookshelves that are there and finish off the defenders.


And that's how I got the last of the HSs I need to eR.

...and all it cost me was my last cake.

* That being before "Menace of the Underdark" (MotU), when cap was still L20.  So "Phiarlan Carnival", "Sentinels of Stormreach", "Sands of Menechtarun", "The Red Fens", and "Vault of Night".  I suppose technically "Web of Chaos" can be included, too, as it was before MotU...

** What?  Running with just a hireling is still "solo"... to me at least.

*** I can only assume.  It is a magical cake, after all - so it would have to be delicious...wouldn't it?

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