Thursday, September 8, 2016

EVE Online Going F2P

Not that long ago, Geoff Hanna posted about the EVE Online publishers erecting an actual, real-life, out-of-game monument to its players.  Included in that post was a blurb about how EVE Online 'hosted' what is believed to be the largest PvP battle of all time (I found the linked article of the battle quite an interesting read).  Of course, I have heard of EVE online, but I've never played it.  That may change, come November, 2016.

After over 10-years of being a subscription only MMO (yes, they have been around even longer than DDO), EVE Online (EVEO) is going free-to-play (f2p).  As with many MMOs who make the transition form "subscription only" to f2p, they will retain the subscription option.

"Clone States" is what they are calling it.  The premise is that New Eden (the setting of EVEO) scientist have found a way to make clones.  The f2p versions are "alpha" clones; subscription versions are "omega" clones.  And, as one might expect, one can go back and forth between alpha and omega clones, by re-upping or allowing to lapse their subscription.

Of course, there will be some limitations on alpha clones.  I'm not going to cover it in this post, but you can read all about it in the official dev blog here.  Based on what I've seen and read, the limitations seem reasonable; they are not limiting content (that I can tell), but limiting the skills available, and also the types of ships one can pilot.

But what do I know?  I would expect someone with first-hand knowledge should be able to better describe how certain skill limitations would affect actual game play.

In any case, in about 2 months from now, I may be downloading and playing EVEO.  And if I do, I may even make a post or two about the experience.  Maybe.

Send in the clones....

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