Tuesday, May 20, 2014

To Troll, or Not to Troll? That is a Question

Little did I realize while reading Geoff Hanna's recent post about trolling, that I, too, would soon be posting about trolling.  Except mine is something completely different.

In my last post, I mentioned that I started a thread in the Lamannia fora (sorry, "forums") seeking clarification on one of the Official Lamannia Release Notes, um, notes.  Specifically, if the one about the runes in "The Pit" were referring to the 'solution placards' or something else.  (It took a few days and a nice little PM 'prompt/plead' from me, but Cordovan did provide that clarification.)

Now, I received my answer, so really, that should have been that.  But, noticing that somehow my stupid little clarification thread became a "hot topic", I pop back in a day or so later and here's one of the responses I find:

Title:  Was this really needed
Did the dev's really need to do anything to the pit??? There was nothing else that needed attention and resources thrown at it except a quest that has been working fine for years?

The people who have a problem running the pit, have a problem not because of how the runes look, but because they cant seem to remember:


Lava kills

There are what, 6 wheels?...you mean to tell me you cant remember 6 things ?... Of course you cant...too many of you cant remember to have a featherfall item.

Heres some advice..when the quest is completed, take a little time and learn how to navigate The Pit on your own time instead of turning a 20 minute quest into an hours long affair. Go look at the wheels and write down the proper settings if you cant remember them....... and if you get lost jump off the edge and land on the bottom walkway..you will always be able to find your party if the only direction you can go is up
I thought about breaking out some of my Troll Chow™ and responding in the thread, but even if I replied in a civilized, thoughtful, and logical manner - which you know I totally would...probably - it is doubtful it would make any difference.  Besides, I'm saving my Troll Chow™ for something...better...or maybe "bigger".

Now, if you do not understand why that reply is trolling, consider:

The thread is about seeking clarification on an item in the release notes, but the author of that reply:
  1. Starts off by ranting about "wasting dev time" on a quest that has (seemingly) "been working fine for years"
  2. Asserts his own self-importance by 'explaining' to us that he (alone) knows the "only" reasons people have problems running "The Pit" and goes on to list them "all"
  3. In his haste to enlighten us as to "why" people have problems with "The Pit", he either fails to realize - or, more likely, just plain ignores - that the thread has absolutely NOTHING to do with people having (or not having, for that matter) problems running "The Pit"
  4. Insults the intelligence of the OP (that would be me) and every other respondent in the thread by asking, then asserting, that 'we' can't even remember 6 things
  5. Piles on the insult by stating 'we' can't even remember a feather fall item
  6. Boasts of his own prowess in the game by giving unsolicited 'advice' on how to learn to run "The Pit"
Frankly, I must admit that it is a fine work in trolling because it did what most trolling sets out to do:  it pissed me off.  Not enough to the point where I replied in the thread, but it was enough that I post something here.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as it gives me a topic of which to post.  (Now why anyone would want to read this drivel I manage to spew onto the internet is beyond me.  But that's OK - to each their own.  And, yeah, I kinda like knowing that some people do seem to like it.  But I digress...)

My basic response to his post would be (mimicking his own title):  Was Your Rant Really Needed?

Just because 'you' have every puzzle, in every quest, of every game you have ever played memorized does not mean that everyone else does.  Just because you (admittedly, I'm assuming based on the language used in the rant) like to max-out your "xp per minute" in quests doesn't mean everyone else does.  Just because you like to have all answers to all puzzles available external of the actual game play (be it wiki, phone app, written solution, etc.) doesn't mean everyone else does.

Don't assume you know who you're talking down to.  You think I don't know how to run "The Pit"?  You are sorely mistaken.  I AM *THE* (self-proclaimed) MASTER OF THE PIT!  Solving puzzles on my own is FUN!  Not having to use the wiki or other solution guide is FUN!  Locating all of the solution placards scattered in the security room is FUN!  Not being able to see them - not so much.  Therefore, by most people's definition, it was a bug.  And now, it's fixed.  Fixing bugs - ANY bug - is ALWAYS a good thing.  Always.  Are some bugs more important than others?  Sure.  But to reiterate, getting ANY bug fixed is ALWAYS a good thing.  So pack-up your negativity, make like a tree, and get outta here.

*Pauses to contemplate remainder of post after "Was your rant really needed?"*

Hmmm...perhaps Geoff Hanna is right - we are all trolls....


  1. Yes, maybe, but that guy had it coming.

  2. Hunt him down and beat him up!