Friday, May 16, 2014

Who Says "Filing Bug Reports is a Waste of Time"?

Just a quick update, 'cuz I'm a little excited by what I read in the Lamannia Release notes, today:

  • The Pit:  Puzzle runes should now be easier to read (some of their glow has been reduced.)

Woot!  As I've stated before, I love "The Pit".  And while I do open an in-game browser window to get to the DDOWiki page to see the rune-wheel solutions, I actually FOUND all of the solution locations in the quest.  Trouble was, some of the solution placards are unreadable 'cuz of the "lights" surrounding them on the placards; the "glare" was just too bright and made many of them completely least, for me.

So, several months ago (maybe a year or two, now - hard to say exactly...) I filed a bug report - with pictures - so that they could see what I see, or I suppose more correctly, what I couldn't see.

And now, apparently*, it's fixed.  Yay!  Granted, it took quite a while, but then, I'm sure it was considered a "low priority", "cosmetic only", type bug.  Which it totally was.

BUT - let that be a lesson to all you "naysayers" out there who only complain about bugs, but don't bother filing bug reports 'cuz "it doesn't do any good".  "Piffle!", says I.  Find a bug?  BUG IT!

...Even if it turns out to NOT be a bug**, if you THINK it is, BUG IT!

*I say "apparently" because I have not ventured into Lamannia at all lately, let alone to run "The Pit" there, so I can only rely on the release notes.  But I do rely on the release notes.

**I have filed my fair-share of "not really a bug" bug reports.  If/when you discover it really isn't a bug, you can (I think) follow up your report, via the confirmation e-mail (assuming you haven't just deleted it) and basically say, "Never mind!".

EDIT:  I originally composed this post a few days ago, but upon re-reading the Lamannia release notes, I said to myself, I said, "Self, what if the runes mentioned in the release notes are not the solution placard runes?".  Well, since at the time the copy tool was down (it's "back", but that's another topic...), and I didn't really want to roll-up another toon on Lama just to verify for myself which runes were being referred to, I started a forum thread.   It took a few days to get an official answer, but an official answer we have!  And yes, indeed, it does refer to the solution placards!  Woot!

So, yeah - see a bug, report a bug.  BUG IT!


  1. I do what I want. Also, you're my royal scribe. So you gotta bug things for me.

  2. Nicely done!