Friday, December 12, 2014

Airship Amenity Deed

No longer can I say, "I don't know anyone who has pulled one of the new, airship amenity deeds from a chest or end reward."  Because I did.

Running in our Friday Guild Night, on Thelanis, we finished up the "Pirates of Thunder Sea" chain.  And what do I see in my chain reward list?  Why,, the aforementioned deed, of course.  So, our Thelanis guild now has a Cannith Crafting room for our airship.  Of course, we don't have place to place it (without displacing something else), but c'est la vie.  Since we can swap rooms at will, whoever wants to use it can swap it in, use it, then swap it back out.

Which is basically the same procedure we use with our Green Steel Crafting room.


  1. Excellent, congrats!! I'm still looking forward to pulling my first one.

  2. Nice! Are they bound on acquire? Or can you trade them if your guild already has the amenity?

  3. They are unbound...I think. Pretty sure. Like, 99.9% sure. There is a message at the bottom that basically says if your guild already has the amenity, the deed will NOT be consumed when clicked (at least, in theory - not sure if anyone has actually tried it). And according to the wiki, deeds can be sold in the AH and shard exchange. So, I would assume you can also trade.

    ...or give away, if you're so inclined.