Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Es-Q-Pades

Yes, I do know that it is technically still autumn.  But that fact doesn't stop STO from starting their winter event.  And just like their summer event, I will be spending much of my time at Q's Winter Wonderland.  Metaphorically speaking, that is.
As one might expect, there's several events in which one can participate - races, attack of the killer snowmen, pie eating contests, saving a village of gingerbread men, and probably a couple other things I left out.  New to this year's even is the addition of Borg snowmen - which makes me wonder:  do Snow-Borg snowboard?

And of course Q is there ("He's everywhere, he's everywhere!"); after all, you can't name it "Q's Winter Wonderland" if you don't have Q.  In fact, one of the 'currencies' used in this event are glossy photographs of the merry prankster himself (vanity, thy name is Q...).  Collect enough and you can trade them in for a new starship.

...assuming you can bear to part with them.

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