Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are Gnomes in DDO's Future?

According to this forum post, the answer would seem to be:


As with all 'future' related issues, there are no promises.  And rightly so.  Growing up*, I had always been taught to keep your promises; if you can't keep them, don't make them.  One of my favorite phases on this issue comes from the Holy Bible:  "Swear to your own hurt."  Which means, if you make a promise, keep it, even if keeping will cause you hardship (of any kind, be it financial, physical, emotional, etc.).  Back in the day**, one could make deals on nothing more than a promise and a handshake; you didn't need contracts.  One's "word was [one's] bond".  Sadly, these days are long since gone.  At least, mostly.  But I digress - this post is not about keeping promises.

No, this post is about the possible (but NOT promised) next race to be added to DDO (maybe, sometime, not SOON™, but "far, distant future") - the highly clamored for, much anticipated,  deeply desired - Gnomes.  {BonnieBew must be quivering in anticipation.}

So why aren't there any Gnomes in DDO at present?  I know why.  I've known for some time.  It's not a secret; in fact the answer can be found in Gianthold, if you know where to look:

The Real Reason there are no Gnomes in DDO
Obviously, if Gnomes ever are added to DDO, they should stay away from Gianthold.

One can only hope that if/when DDO does indeed add Gnomes, that they will also include some type of vehicle at the same time, or at least, shortly thereafter.  Why?  So we can all have {wait for it} Gnome-mobiles†, of course.

* There are those who would say that I have never grown up.  I shall neither confirm, nor deny, this.  (How do you spell "PFFFTTTTTT!!!!!" anyway?)

** In this case, "the day" was long before my time.

† Oh come on - you know you were all thinking it, too.  Unless you're too young to remember (like Mizzaroo).


  1. Gnomemobiles! Must. Absolutely must.

  2. It would be cool to see a new race!!