Monday, April 6, 2015

Too Much Eeeeeeevil

Apparently, U25 and the Temple of Elemental Evil are so evil {How evil are they?}...

...They're so evil that just before re-opening the servers at the first estimated time of noon EDT, they brought the whole thing to a screeching halt.  And as if that were not evil enough, they decided to completely vex the deployment engineers literally almost all day long.  But finally, enough evil had leeched out that the servers were able to reopen around 11 PM EDT.

That's a lot of evil...

...or "Eeeeeeeevil", if you prefer.


  1. Update 25 is so eeeevil that it completely broke Fred!

    Now that's eeeeeeeevil.

  2. Um,yeah - I meant U25; I'm going to blame how late it was...Oh!, No! I'm going to blame the eeeeevilness of the update! Yeah! That's how eeeeevil they were.

  3. And my rogue ENs were only partially reset. Just the ENs I'd taken in the assassin tree were reset - at least some of the ones I had taken in the mechanic tree were not. Now that's eeeeevil.