Monday, May 4, 2015

Filler - Some Metrics

As does happen from time-to-time, that most dreadful of all 4-letter words (W-O-R-K) has kept me somewhat busy.  Or at least, busy enough to prevent me from posting some trivial drivel in this blog that for some unknown reason some people like to read (and sometimes, even leave a comment).  That, and a small case of "writers' block" - but I'll mostly blame the aforementioned 4-letter word.

Unlike Geoff Hanna, I do not have prepared "filler" material, such as MMOtivational posters, postcards, or anything else that can be used on a whim or during planned times away from the computer.  But as I was trying to come up with something, I was looking at some of the statistics of this site.  And while it's not game related, per se, I find some of it interesting, if not surprising.

My first post was back in May of 2013 - in fact, it was 2 years ago, yesterday (5/3/13).  Nothing extraordinary, to be sure, just a short post about this site being under construction.  Even so, I had actually created the site a few days prior.  In the few days between creating the site and making my first post, I had 29 site visits in April.  In all of May that year, I had 31 views, while my actual "Under Construction" post has a total of 10 views.  I can only assume the difference is due to some going to my 'main' page, and others actually clicking on the individual post page.  Of course, my "Under Construction" page hits could be from anytime (including "now") so that total can rise.

Other metrics:

Total Pageviews (as of this post):  4,643
Month with Highest Pageviews:  April, 2015 (with 690)
Post with Most Pageviews:  "LotRO: Turbine's Other* MMORPG" (with 289*)

Top 10 Viewing Countries (All Time):
  1. USA (not surprising):  2,946
  2. Ukraine (not Ikraine or Wekraine):  429
  3. France (Ooh-la-la):  293
  4. New Zealand† (the "Other Down-Under"):  177
  5. Turkey (no gravy):  120
  6. Russia (in former Soviet Union, Blog reads you):  104
  7. Canada (the "Great White North", eh?):  76
  8. United Kingdom (where "H" is silent):  74
  9. Poland (no joke):  68
  10. Germany (Donkeschön!):  41
By Browser (%):
  1. Chrome:  41%
  2. Internet Explorer:  21%
  3. Firefox:  21%
  4. Safari:  8%
  5. Other**:  9%
By OS (%):
  1. Windows:  80%
  2. iPhone:  6%
  3. Linux:  5%
  4. MacIntosh:  3%
  5. Android:  1%
  6. Other:  5%
I could list the most referral sites, but frankly, the raw data on that can be a bit confusing.  The built-in Blogger metric system has "Referring URLs" and "Referring Sites".  What's the difference?  Well, suffice it to say that there is one, but it is also largely moot.  However, you can get different numbers in each category.  I will say, though, that far and away "OurDOO" and "GamerGeoff" are the top two referring sites (thanks, guys!).

Not that anyone really cares about metrics (especially *my* metrics), but I needed something to post about.

* On the "stats" page, 289 is listed, while on the "posts" page, it says it's had 299 views.  Not sure why the discrepancy, but there it is.

** Interestingly, "Iron" (which I've never heard of) has a higher listing (3%) than "Opera" does (1%), which are 5 and 6, respectively.

† Interesting that Oz (Australia, for those who don't know) is not listed.  I do know I've had at least one view from there (in the last month), but I guess the Kiwis just like me more.  Either that or there are just more DDO/LotRO/NWO/STO/ESO players in New Zealand (LotRO would make sense, since LotR was filmed there).


  1. Hey! MMOtivational posters are definitely NOT filler! i can't do them on demand. The have to jump out at me. Sometimes months go by without one appearing.

    Postcards, well, yes, those are filler :) Decently useful filler, but filler nonetheless.

  2. Comic Relief04 May, 2015 18:46

    I stand corrected (thanks to my "Jockey", orthopedic underwear).

  3. Hey! I'm part of those views! :D

  4. Comic Relief06 May, 2015 08:13

    Yes. Yes, you are.