Saturday, May 23, 2015

LotRO Steed Giveaway

I have a couple of codes left over from...well, it doesn't really matter where they are left over from, does it?

Anyway, having used the ones I want and giving a couple away to a few people that I know play LotRO, I find myself with (2) leftovers.  Specifically, I have codes for:
Now, I'm not sure how I'll be giving these away.  Oh, sure, I could just post the codes here and have a "first use, first get" free-for-all, or I could do a "random roll from comment entries", which seems to be popular, but that would require at least one person to have read this post, and that might be asking quite a lot (hehehe).  Besides, random rolls are just so...random (unless you're using a computer algorithm, in which case they are pseudo-random).  So, no - neither of those.  However, I do need to know who might be interested in receiving the codes, and (eventually) a way for me to send them...hmmm.

Perhaps some sort of a contest; yes, that might be it.  Nothing involving giving me anything...tangible (drat!), but some type contest...TO THE DEATH!  Well, OK, maybe not "to the death".  A contest where the selection is purely subjective (Bwahaha!).  Of course, it will still require at least one person to have read this post (hehehe), but, oh well.

I know!  A contest of contests.  To enter, leave a comment about an on-line contest; it can be your favorite, your least-favorite, about how you would conduct/develop an on-line contest of your very own, or anything else related to an on-line contest (even this one, I guess).

Now, as far as announcing/contacting winners...I suppose I could simply update this post for announcing winners.  Or maybe a new post.  Still undecided.

For contacting, post your LotRO forum name with your entry and I will send you a PM with the code.  I suppose if you really wanted to, you could leave a valid e-mail address in the comments - just remember that it would be "out there" for all the web to see.

...or at least the 2 or 3 people who might stumble across this blog by accident.

Oh, I suppose all contests need rules.  So be it.


  1. You must have a valid LotRO account.  Exception:  see rules #2 and #3.
  2. You must either use the code yourself or give it away.  If you are going to give it away, you may not charge anything for it, but you also do not need a valid LotRO account, in this case. (Honor system.)
  3. You must be willing to leave your LotRO forum name or a valid e-mail address with your entry.
  4. Multiple entries are allowed, but only one Steed per LotRO forum name/e-mail address will be given.
  5. If you have multiple LotRO accounts, each account is eligible to enter, but each account must have a separate LotRO forum name and/or e-mail address.
  6. Blah, blah, blah - no illegal stuff, inflammatory language, etc., etc. - blah, blah, blah.
  7. Blah, blah, blah - lawyer speak - blah, blah - assign perpetual, non-exclusive license to use all original ideas provided without compensation - blah, blah, blah.*
  8. Winners will be chosen by me and will be contacted with the code either via forum PM or e-mail.  All decisions final.  Deadline to enter:  11:59 PM (Pacific Time) Sunday, May 31, 2015.  If insufficient entries or winners, remaining code(s) will be retained and something else figured out about what to do with them.
  9. Rules subject to change without prior notice.**
  10. Posting an entry indicates you agree to the rules and promise to never, ever, ever, sue me, my family, my corporation, my pets, my doctor, my friends, my enemies, or anyone else in relation to this stupid on-line contest.
I hope I didn't miss anything important.  Amazing how something so simple can get so complex.  I blame our (sometimes) "out of control" legal system.

* Basically, you grant anyone (including, but especially, me) who might use your original ideas on their own web pages the right to use them without compensating you.  I know it sucks, but in this day and age of IP litigation, one must cover themselves.  Could be worse - have you read ESOs "Terms of Use"?  They claim ownership of ANYTHING you might post in the fora (sorry, "forums") or in-game, including character names, descriptions, original stories, etc.  as their own...unless it violates copyright, terms of use, or other laws, in which case, it's yours and yours alone.  Essentially, they claim all the rights, but leave you with all the potential litigation responsibilities.

**  Doubt it will happen, but "just in case" it's needed, this allows me change, well, anything and everything - hehehe.

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  1. Hi. Just happened to come across this during search. Nice contest! I am curious if anyone else will find it. ~ HeronQuill on Lotro