Saturday, October 17, 2015

Make Gnome Mistake

...gnomes are coming to DDO.

No, really - they are.

For some time, they have been speculated and desired by the DDO community.  Not by everyone, of course - there will always be those "negative Nellys".  And now, we have an official confirmation that, why, yes, indeed, gnomes are coming to DDO (Bonnie Bew must be over-the-moon).  Geoff Hanna posted about it both in his blog and on the official DDO fora (sorry, "forums").

And so, apparently taking a cue from Geoff Hanna*, I proceeded to filk "Home on the Range":

♪♪ Oh, give me a gnome, / With a +2 STR tome / And a gear-driven type of some sleigh. ♪♪
♪♪ That way we can have / (Now, don't you go laugh), / A "gnome-mobile" in the game (yay!). ♪♪

But then additional inspiration (insanity?) struck:

♪♪ Gnomes! Gnomes on their way! / Though unlikely with gear-driven sleighs. / They'll be here next year, / Assuming Devs don't change gears, / In time for the 10th year par-tay! ♪♪

It's not the first time I've filked**.  Some of my credits include "I know it's Only DDO (But I Like it)", "Mabar's Coming", and "Ham! Glorious Ham!".  Alas, they were all published on the old "MyDDO" site, and while I did make an archival copy before it went down for good, I have not un-archived anything (yet).  Although, I do believe "I know it's Only DDO" is in the official DDO fora (sorry, "forums").


* While I remember reading Geoff's blog post, and reading his filk, I did not recall it when posting in his DDO forum thread, until some time later.  Guess it just got subliminally stuck in my brain (GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!).  That and/or it's the obvious tune to filk.

** Though I do think that Evennote has more credits to her name than I do.  In fact, I'm certain she does.

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