Thursday, December 24, 2015

Festivult is Here

♪♪ "Festivult" is here! / Coins have re-appeared; / Bring them all, and trade them all, / For cookies, cakes, and gear. ♪♪

♪♪ The Jester's everywhere, / Trading all his wares, / For the coins that you can find / In chests found here and there. ♪♪

♪♪ Eberron's the plane / Where "Festivult" does reign, / Not in the "Forgotten Realms", / Or any other planes*. ♪♪

♪♪ "Festivult is here!, / Gold coins are top tier, / Maybe you'll be lucky, too, / And pull some named loot gear. ♪♪

I was going to try and filk " 'Zat You, Santa Claus?", but "Jester" just doesn't fit.  Guess you'll just have to make do with the original, Satchmo version in the link above (although, Brian Setzer and Harry Connick Jr. do pretty good covers...not too mention Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem).

* Yeah, I'm not happy rhyming "planes" with "plane" either.  Oh well, it'll have to do until I can come up with something better.  {Don't hold your breath...}

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