Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gnome Backing Out Now

Gnomes are here!  At least, sort of - they are on Lamannia.

So, it's been, what, over a month since my last post?  As the Crocodile Hunter might have said, "Crikey".  Of course, I have to blame that most dreaded of all 4-letter words on that.  Mind you, it wasn't necessarily, actually to blame (well, yes, it was), but I have to blame it anyway.

So.  Gnomes.

I know a few people who are really looking forward to having them in DDO (and at the top of that list is probably Bonnie Bew - she's been waiting forever for them; though Evennote may not be that far behind her...).  Me?  I don't mind them, but assuming they will be a "purchase only" and/or "free to VIPs" race, I'm not going to rush out and buy them.  Back in my ol' PnP days, I played a halfling once (once...), but back then as in now, I prefer to play humans.  Mainly, I play humans in DDO because they get an extra feat and an extra skill point.  In PnP, we played 1st Ed, so there were no "feats" (per se) or skill points, but humans were "unrestricted" as far a level advancement or class (did you know that technically some races did have a level cap in 1st Ed?  I don't know if anyone ever enforced it, but there was...).  Not that we observed those restrictions - to paraphrase Capt. Barbosa, "they're more what you would call 'guidelines' than actual rules."

But I digress...

I haven't been over to Lamannia yet, but according to what we were told, and what has been reported so far, there is a 'regular' Gnome and an Iconic Class Gnome.  But even though I haven't been on Lamannia yet, I can definitively say that neither of the Gnomes have gear-driven sleighs or other vehicles.  I suppose it may be possible that we will see some "in the future", but I'm not holding my breath.

...even though I would totally love to see Gnome-Mobiles in the game.

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