Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Agents of Yesterday

For the second time, STO has come up with a way of encouraging players to make new characters.

The first was the "Delta Recruit" event that gave all characters created during its run a couple of unique features; one of which is a little purple "delta" symbol next to the name and another was a permanent(?) XP boost.  Additionally, the Delta Recruit was given new, unique quest objectives that "normal" characters do not see (such as finding additional information concerning the Iconians).

And it worked.  I, myself, didn't have any immediate plans to create a 2nd character on STO, being content to just run my engineer.  But once the Delta Recruit event was running, I found myself rolling up* a new tactical officer.

This time, the event is called "Agents of Yesterday" and similar to the Delta Recruit event, new characters** that are created during its run will get unique features and special incentives.  As you may guess, Agents of Yesterday involves time travel***.

You start off as a 23rd century officer and play through a handful of quests set in the 23rd century.  You even get to meet most of the legendary figures† from the original Star Trek TV series.  As part of the 'perks', you use a hand-held communicator (instead of the tunic badge) and an original style tricorder.

Once you're done with the 23rd century quests, you get recruited to become a "Temporal Agent" and then run the normal STO content.  I believe, but as I have not yet run a 'current' quest so cannot state with certainty that, like Delta Recruits, the Temporal Agents get unique quest objectives not seen by other characters††.

As I implied, I rolled up a new character‡ to participate in Agents of Yesterday.  I've run through the 23rd century quests, all of which (except possibly the last one) are derived from actual original series episodes (and I thought they picked some nice, representative episodes to draw from).  They even managed to put a Vulcan spin on an old, familiar piece of dialog from the original series...but you'll just have to roll up a 23rd century character to find out which.

* Since there are no adjustable stats, is it really "rolling up"?

** I should clarify that you can choose to roll-up a 23rd century character or not.  It is not automatic, as were Delta Recruits.

*** We're all travelling through time.  We always have, we always will (until the day we die).  But we use this term to imply jumping forwards and/or backwards through time, and not just traveling along as we do everyday just by living.

† In regular game play, you get to meet and talk with Spock, Scotty, and Bones.  Now, through Agents of Yesterday, you also get to talk to Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov.  And while you don't get to talk to Kirk (no idea why), you do get to "meet" him - sort of.  I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil it.  New dialog for Chekov is voiced by Walter Koenig, and new dialog for Scotty is voiced by Chris Doohan, James Doohan's son.  All of the other character use voice clips from the original series.  Except Kirk, which has no speaking dialog (that I know of).

There are also other characters from other ST series voiced by the original actors who portrayed them, such as Chase Masterson ("Leeta" from DS9), in the "regular" game play, as well as Agents of Yesterday.

†† This may not be quite true, as my other two characters have been contacted by a Temporal Agent to...well, honestly, I don't know yet, as my other two are still on vacation on Risa.

‡ Seeing as how there are (3) classes (engineering, tactical, and science), and my other two are an engineer and tactical, can you guess which class I rolled up this time?

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