Saturday, July 9, 2016


My characters are not evil.  Even back in my PnP playing days, never did I - nor would I - make an evil character.  A DM tried to make me evil once, but he failed.  Which is not to say my characters never do 'evil' things.  But then, I suppose it may all depend on what your definition of 'evil' is.

But, in running the "Sentinels of Stormreach" (SoS) chain, there are times when I feel just a little bit like a supervillain.

Throughout the chain, you can run into a red-named rare:  the "First Mate".  Now, you can first encounter him on a bridge in Searing Heights (though he is not one of the "rares" of that wilderness region, he does not show up all the time).  He can then appear in any one of the chain quests, including the capstone quest*.

So it is possible to run into - and then proceed to kill - him five times in one chain run.  And I have had this happen on a few occasions.  Which is where my feeling a little like a supervillain comes in:

"How many times do I have to kill you?"

* I am not certain if the "First Mate" can show up in "Spies in the House" - wiki does not list him in there.  But this quest, while part of the SoS pack, is not part of the chain.

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