Sunday, December 18, 2016


This time of year, more than any other, I think, MMOs love to hold some type of 'winter' festival.  Many, at least the ones I play, give out free stuff and/or let you earn certain items not usually available by running certain content.  This presents a dilemma...

STO gives you a chance at a new starship, just by running one 'event' for several days during their "Q's Winter Wonderland".  The festival is long enough in duration so you can miss a few days and still earn the ship, which is nice.  They also tend to give away free Zen store items - like ships and cosmetic gear - just by logging in and claiming them, but I haven't seen an announcement for that, yet (they tend to do this a couple of times during the year).

NWO gives you a chance at a mount, though it is not always a new mount every year.  But this lets you participate in multiple years, should you not acquire it the first time (and are so inclined to get it).  They also have other things and typically give you a voucher for a free 'gift' from their Zen store.  The items inside the gift I think are random and not always helpful, but free is free.  Like STO, they also (at least sometimes) give away Zen store items (outside of the voucher) just be logging in and claiming, but I've not seen any announcements for this (yet) either.

EVEO is giving away one free item (per account) everyday - you just need to login and claim it.

I'm not sure what, if anything ESO is doing.  Guess I should login and maybe find out (hehehe).

DDO gives away free Festivult coins - they are found in most* Eberron** chests.  You can turn them in to the Jester for cookies, jellies, cakes, and other items.  It is even possible to get some rare named loot (or so I hear - it's never happened to me, though; but I do know some who at least claim it happened to them - hehehe).  But you do have to run some content (in Eberron) to get the coins.  They also have some "ice games" where you can get other things, but those haven't started, yet.

LotRO has several festivals throughout the year, so winter is no different.  You run some simple quests to earn festival-specific coins which can then be traded for various items.  Many cosmetics, usually at least one mount (sometimes even new), and other things.  They've delayed the start of this year's festival by a few days 'cuz they're adding things in the upcoming game update, which is scheduled to occur this week.

So the dilemma is - which do you run?  I try to run them all, though I cannot always fully participate in them all.  Still, for the 'major' items, there should be enough time.


* There are some chests that do not hold any loot, but quest specific items or "junk" (as in the case of "The Stormreaver Fresco"), so no coins in those types of chests.  But they should be found in all "loot" chests.  So if you want a lot of coins, I'd suggest running "Irestone Inlet" as there can be as many as 15 (I think) chests, though rarely actually all 15 show up.  However, I don't think I've ever run it with fewer than 8 chests; 12 chests would not be uncommon.  Just remember to stop short of 'ransack' or you'll have to wait for the ransack timer to reset (7 days).

** "Festivult" is an Eberron lore thing, so there are no coins to be had from chests in the Forgotten Realms (FR) area of the game.  But FR does hold a winter event, though it's not started, yet.

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