Monday, February 19, 2018

Olympic Distraction

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full-swing.  OK, OK - they are nearing the end, but that doesn't mean they aren't in full-swing.

I could blame the Olympics for not blogging sooner - and I guess I am, sort of - but that wouldn't really explain the approx. month-long absence prior.  So I may as well go ahead and blame it on that most dreaded of all 4-letter words (W-O-R-K), per usual.

In any event (I suppose that's a minor Olympic pun), one of my favorite Winter Olympic sports is about to wrap up:  Women's Hockey.  The (2) medal games are set with the Bronze medal seeing Finland pitted against "The Olympic Athletes of Russia" (OAR) and the Gold Medal game featuring the Canadians against Team USA.  Anyone who has followed Women's Hockey is not surprised by the Gold medal match-up - these two teams dominate the sport and almost always face each other in the final, championship round of whichever tournament they participate.

There are exceptions, though - such as Team USA's loss to Sweden in the 2006 Winter Olympic's semi-final round, causing Team USA to settle for Bronze.  Still, while the two teams overall record with each other may be close, the Canadians have dominated in the Olympics:  Team USA won the inaugural Gold medal game in 1998, but has been shut-out from winning gold since.

Fortunately, for me, the 2018 Gold Medal game will be televised in my time zone's "Prime Time" this Wednesday - which is also one of my "free" days (not a guild night), so I'll be able to watch it live.  Of course, I'm rooting for the home team, but regardless of the outcome, it promises to be a good game.


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