Saturday, April 14, 2018

Company Game Night

"Oy, you ain't undead, are you?"

Feels like it, sometimes, but no - not undead.  That most dreaded of all 4-letter words ("W-O-R-K") has once again been the bane of my on-line existence.  Ah, if only I were independently wealthy....but alas, I am not.  So it is a necessary 'evil' - for now, at least.

On the other hand, the company I do work for is a pretty good place to work.  I like most of my 'cow-orkers'* and I do have some autonomy.  Not to o mention we have some company-sponsored, after-hours events a few times a year.  Some of them have included bowling, golfing, and, new this year, game night.

Yes, this past Friday (that would be April 13, 2018, for those reading more than a week later) we had our first game night.  It seemed to be a success, too.

While there were no role-playing games, several card, board, and...I guess non-classified is a good as anyway to briefly describe some of the other games, were played.  I brought in several of my personal games and while only a few of them were actually played, I did receive several queries and comments.  One game I brought in was "Ace of Aces" which is one of those 'non-classified'** type games.  I managed to get 1 win and 1 draw with that one.

The company provided the food and some non-alcoholic beverages and we played right there in the office.  I had jokingly suggested that we get a LAN game going, since there were plenty of computers all on the same network, but I doubt we could find enough copies*** of a LAN-based game to go around and it most likely would have been frowned upon by the higher-ups anyway.  Still, that could have been quite fun.  Maybe next time (hehehe).

All-in-all, a good-sized turn-out and much fun was had.  I'm hoping we have a sequel in the not too distant future.

* Anyone who does not get that reference must turn-in their nerd-card...or geek-card, whichever is applicable.  And if you must, you can ask in the comments section (but I reserve the right to mock you, if you do).

** Wikipedia classifies it as a "picture book" game - that works, I suppose.

*** Then again, I still have a copy of "Starcraft" which one can legally install an unlimited number of spawn-copies, so maybe not as far fetched as one might think.

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