Saturday, June 21, 2014

Who's Minding the Store?

Did Fernando curse DDO when he left?  Conspiracy theorists would probably say, "Yes."

For it appears that ever since he left as main producer, the new producers don't seem to last too long.  Rowan came on board, introduced himself, made some comments that seemed promising, and...shortly thereafter, disappeared.  Along comes Vyvyanne - introduces herself, makes a few comments (not quite as promising as Rowan, but still better than nothing), and...shortly thereafter, disappears.  {Now, in this case "disappears" may just mean 'went silent' - for all I know, she is still the lead producer; we just haven't heard anything from her is some time (or at least - I have not seen anything in the dev tracker from her, and I do check fairly regularly).}

And then, MajorMalphunktion gets promoted to line producer.  He introduces himself as new producer, has a "name that producer" contest, changes his nick to ProduktionMalphunktion, brings back "End of the Week" (for what turns out to be a 'one time' recurrence)...and come to find out that the reason I've not seen anything from him pretty much since that "one and done" resurrection of 'end of the week' is because he's been laterally moved to be the new line (I think) producer for LotRO.

And as BOgre pointed out, without so much as a goodbye (and you can tell he took it rather personally and is mad at ProM for it).

Which brings us back to the question in the title that several people are asking - who's in charge now?

A question, I might add, that I have not seen an answer to in the fora (sorry, "forums").

ProM did drop in a post in the forum thread saying he's still watching, but honestly, that's hollow consolation.  He was well liked (oh sure - there's always someone who has an issue with even the best of people).  He was funny.  He (used to) keep us pretty well informed on things (not everything, of course, but pretty much the non-secretive things).  And now, he's gone, too.

I won't go so far to say, "That boy was our last hope.", but we most likely won't see his kind again.  Which is really too bad for the DDO community, because we could have used more like him.

Which is not to imply that Vargouille, KookieKobold, DrOctothorpe, Steelstar, Severlin, and others don't do a good job (um...they ARE still around...aren't they?), but it just won't be the same....

So - who *IS* minding the store?  And who do I now beg for a doubloon exchange system to be implemented for the next Crystal Cove event?


  1. Vyv & Rowan are on lotro for a few months now, last I remember.

  2. @DDOUnlimited hey if you are running out of people who want to produce #DDO, let me know. I'll do it.— geoff hanna (@geoffhanna) June 18, 2014