Friday, July 18, 2014

Clarification and Apology

I considered not actually posting my last post.  As I was re-reading it prior to publishing, I thought that it was possible that it could be taken the wrong way.  Turns out, I was right.

While I was using some real-world examples, my intent was not to "call out" or chide anyone in particular, nor was it meant to be a rant (per se).  My use of "you" was intended to be a generic "you" not any specific "you".  But that's not always clear when just using "you".  (And specifically calling out when it's intended to be a 'generic' "you" is clumsy, at best, and weakens the intent.)

The thought behind the post was that running in groups is a different dynamic than running solo or even duo, and that one needs to keep in mind how some classes are played.  There are certain classes that tend - in general - to be run in rather predictable ways.  To wit, melee-ers are going to melee, range-ers are going to range, and spell chuckers are going what ever it is that they do.  And one also needs to remember that not everyone plays the same way, nor does everyone play the same class the same way.  The way you play your bard may be completely different than the way I play mine.  Same class, but different player play-styles.  And I feel that using real-world examples tend to be better than just coming up with purely theoretical examples.  But again, it was not intended to be an admonishment (per se) to anyone in particular.

I did say that I am only OCCASIONALLY chastised.  Of course, I did fail to mention that sometimes I DESERVE it.  There are occasions when I just don't think and end up doing something stupid.  Frankly, I dare anyone to honestly say they never do that.  Note that little word - honestly.  You can go ahead and claim you never do, but I won't believe you (hehehe).

In a (semi-)private e-mail, a guildie brought up a recent quest we had run and apparently thought that part of my post was about that particular run.  It wasn't.  But because they did mention "don't shoot the [insert mob name here]" in said run, I can see where they thought that.  They apparently also thought that I thought that they were yelling at me.  I didn't; not sure where they came up with that, but OK.  It just goes to show that when you are just reading text and not hearing what is being said, that we can read more into it then what was intended.  (Of course, even when hearing, we can "hear" more than what is being intended, too...but at least when listening, there are verbal clues that help better define the intent.  But I digress....)

In the particular run mentioned, even though I was running on my arty, I did not take what was said in-game as being chastised for my game play - rather, it was more of a reminder that some mechanics have changed and if [I] was not careful, we could end up being overwhelmed because a whole lot of mobs might show up and not just the one shot.  Now, HOW something is said is as equally important as WHAT is said.  And in this case, the tone was not harsh or demanding, so, yes, it was just a good reminder.

And I am OK with that.

I am not above apologizing, when I feel the need to do so.  And I feel the need here.  To anyone who thought I was ranting, chiding, "calling you out", or otherwise felt I was upset with you (a specific "you", in this case and not just a generic "you"), or if I hurt your feelings, I apologize.  That was not my intent.

I try to not take things said/typed/done in-game personally and on the rare occasion someone may actually yell at me, I usually chalk it up to them having a bad day more than anything else.

Unless I deserve it.


  1. So you are apologizing because some one thought they needed to apologize?

    There is a joke here but I cant quite get to it, and it probably wouldn't be funny anyway.

    I'm sorry.

  2. Huh. I suppose that is one way to look at it.

    But no. I'm not apologizing for what was posted, nor am I apologizing for the way that it was said (per se). However, the result was some misunderstandings that may resulted in hurt feelings, which was not my intention at all. It is for that reason I felt the need to apologize. So I did.

    Your apology is accepted. I'm sorry you were sorry (hehehe).