Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What, Exactly, Did You Expect?

I am not the greatest gamer in the world.  Never claimed to be and frankly, I don't need to be.  PvP?  Fageddaboudit.  I have always preferred PvE; mainly because I know that I am not the greatest player and usually end up "dead" quite quickly (there are exceptions, of course, like when I used to play Delta Force 2 online and played sniper with the Barrett Light 50-cal rifle...).  However, I would like to think that I am at least competent, once I get the basic controls down.

Every now and then, I get chastised for my play style.  Not often, but it happens.  "Be careful what you shoot at, 'cuz you can (now, as of a recent update) agro other mobs in the area."  "I really hate it when you cast "suggestion/charm" just before I kill the mob (usually because the stupid hireling goes and fully heals them, when you're running with hirelings)."


But when you have an artificer who is built to range things and not built for "hand-to-hand" combat, and you've always played him that way from the beginning, or when you're running with a bard, which as we all know (or should know, at least) doesn't have great damage spells, but rather Crowd Control (CC), and whose best CC spells/songs are of the "charm" variety, what do those running with you expect is going to happen?  The arty is going to pew-pew-pew; the bard is going to 'charm' - that's what they do.

Now, I don't take it personally - I understand that sometimes how I play interferes with how you play.  But you know what?  The reverse is also true.  Many is the time I have played a 'fascinate' song only to have multiple people hit multiple mobs which of course breaks fascination and we once again have a bunch of mobs to deal with instead of taking 'em out one at-a-time.

Meh - that's how it goes.

Now, I do try and adjust my play style so I don't irritate those running with me.  But asking my arty to not range things is basically asking him to sit on the sidelines and watch.  Which I have done, from time-to-time, but let's be honest - that's not going to happen (often).  My bard, on the other hand, probably doesn't throw out as many "suggestions", "charms", or "fascinates" as I could, because, yeah, having those little pink hats show up just before the killing blow kind of sucks.  BUT - when we have a bunch of mobs to deal with, then, yes, I am going to see if maybe we can even the odds a little by having some fight on our side for a while.

Admittedly, sometimes "a bunch" means "two" (hehehe).

Anyway, I guess my point is:  just remember the old fable of the frog and the scorpion.  If you expect a toon (or some players, for that matter) to be different than his/her nature, you're probably going to be disappointed, at the very least.  I suppose it never hurts to ask.  If you ask me to not do something, generally, I'll try to accommodate you.  But not always (I know some people who wouldn't ever even try to accommodate your wishes, so count your blessings).  It's not personal - it's just how it is.  I suggest you learn to roll with it.

But it's just a suggestion.


  1. Definetly not Mizz16 July, 2014 20:00

    So, okay. I once time alligatored a hippomuhpotuhmus. He's dead now. Also, the way you play is great. Except when I die and you live. See, you die, I live. Not the opposite. Learn to die properly and I can win more. Okay. Also, you're so aged. Like old aged. Not fine wine aged. Also, I'm looking at the sheet and it says that you're not a neurologist so I have to stop. Yeah. Okay. BYEZZ!!

  2. It's all a matter of *how* you use your skills. There are other methods of crowd control than mass charm - especially when there's only one nearly-dead monster in the actual area 8-}

    My bard's dancyball is only a couple of DCs short of Mass Charm Monster, and I've found that except vs. drow with SR, that couple of DCs isn't *usually* enough of a difference to really make a difference... especially in a static group which, frankly, isn't powerful enough to be able to kill everything in half a second like you'll find in a PUG. (And vs drow with SR, that couple of DCs still isn't enough of a difference because it's not gonna work regardless lol)

    Also, just let us know when you're gonna use Fascinate, we'll cheerfully respect the notes and just hit one mob at a time *g*

    As for ranging... just don't range stuff from halfway across the map that JUST has time to get to us, smack us around, and then leash, with all the damage *we've* done to it magically restored. If you'll watch when I'm playing Oti, I generally wait until stuff is already aggroed on T (or you *g*) before I start wailing into it. And when I do range from a distance, it's just a couple of shots so that aggro of other stuff can get pulled off me easily - that way there's no rushing to meet the mobs, get passed by the mobs, turn around, and chasing it back to somebody who's kiting backwards and making the melees have to chase farther... until the leash snaps back.

  3. No one respects the notes, ever.

    Charming is a lot less annoying now than it used to be. Now you can choose to end the charm. In the old days, everyone would have to stand around and wait for the charm to wear off so we can kill the last monster and advance the quest.

  4. Um...thanks? Of course the one advantage if you do die and I don't is that I can reincarnate you...if I can find that stupid button, that is.