Thursday, July 3, 2014

Less Than One Year

Did you know that there are (currently) three, officially licensed, D&D multi-player online games?  All of them free-to-play.  The first, oldest, and best (IMO) is DDO.  The second is Neverwinter (NWO), and the third is one made as a phone app - Arena of War (AoW).

DDO is based on the 3.5 Edition rule set, NWO on the 4th Edition rule set, and AoW on...well, I have no idea.  Being a phone app they took D&D to a completely different style of play.  Basically, you selected one of several pre-made characters, tweaked the looks (albeit on a very limited basis), and then jump right in to fighting classic D&D monsters in, well, as you might have guessed, an "arena".

DDO has been around for over 8 years, NWO just recently finished it's 1-year anniversary event, and AoW was released in October of last year.  It has evolved somewhat over the last 9 months, adding 'companions', and the ability to "power-up" your companions, to name a couple.  They also added new "events" that, while they have the same basic play style, have an "adversary" that has special attack abilities.  But if you haven't downloaded AoW, I wouldn't bother at this point.

Why?  Because a notice was sent through the app yesterday that on August 31, AoW will be "retired and the servers will be turned off".  It won't even make 1-year.

Kind of makes me wonder just how bad someone had to screw up to not even last one year....

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  1. I played that a little last year. Didn't really interest me enough to go too far in it. I'm surprised it's going away though. Most of the reviews if read in the App Store were generally positive.