Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bump in the Road

I've been delayed.  Or maybe it's "belayed", if your of a nautical bent.  Or perhaps it's "detoured", "stalled", "stayed", or "hindered".  "Tangent-ed"?

Whatever you want to call it, my "quest completionist" program has been interrupted.  Oh, not the part about running all non-raid quests* in DDO (on one, specific toon) - no, that goal, while it is an on-going goal with each new content pack, is currently up-to-date.

But my secondary goal was to run all heroic, non-raid quests on "elite".  I'm close - so very, very close - but not finished with that.  I am sitting here with just (3) quests to go:  "Power Play", "A New Invasion", and "The Dreaming Dark".

The guildie who was helping me and I are currently running lowbies with a new guild recruit on guild night, so an unexpected hiatus has occurred.  I suppose we could try running a different night, but that's not an easy as it might sound as we both have other commitments for most other nights.  And even though I think we both have "free" nights, I don't think they line up.

I could probably do "Power Play" and "Dreaming Dark" solo**, but I'd have to run both of them twice or spend TP to unlock 'elite' difficulty, and neither of those options are particularly appealing at the moment (though running twice wouldn't be too bad - maybe if I get bored enough...).  My best bet is probably to find someone else to run with.  We did attempt running "A New Invasion", but we didn't have enough DPS and healing to stay up long enough to beat down the end boss along with all the trash mobs.  So, we'll (I'll) need help with that one.  I'm hoping I might convince a certain pale master guildie to help out, but so far, he's been too busy with real life stuff like family.  And like I tell him - family always come first.

Or at least, they should.

* "Challenges" are not quests.

** In my case, "solo" typically means "no other player-characters", which allows the use of hirelings and hireling-like pets, such as the Onyx Panther and the L17 and L25 Owlbears.

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