Monday, August 3, 2015

The List is In

...or is that "up".  In any case, the list of closing (and remaining open) servers for LotRO has been posted.

Of the (2) servers that I have toons on, one is staying, one is closing.  But seeing as how they were closing (10) servers and only keeping (5) open (in the US region), there was a good chance that at least one of them would be closing.  So, I'm a little lucky that only one of them is.

The one that is closing has the toons that I run with other players, um, with.  Sadly, one of them has not been on in over a year.

Interestingly, of the two of us, I was the first to create a toon in LotRO (I think; actually, I'm pretty sure), but I didn't actively play for a couple of years.  He, on the other hand, was much more active, creating several toons and joining, what I'm given to understand was at the time, a very active kinship (guild).  However, as time passed, he was still playing, while fewer of his kin-mates were, to the point where he eventually took over as kin-leader.  I don't know how long after he took over the role of leader, we started running together, and he invited me into his kinship.  At the time, it was still somewhat active.

Shortly after he stopped playing, the rest of the kinship also stopped, leaving me as the sole, "active*" kin-member.  Which of course means that I have since usurped the kinship (BWAHAHAHA!); my main reason was to prevent the kinship from auto-disbanding**.  So, I have been logging-in, from time-to-time (typically at least once a week), to simply remain "active" and prevent an auto-disbanding.  But seeing as how I am kin-leader, I guess it's up to me to decide to which of the remaining servers "we" will be transferring.

My other "running buddy" and I have been playing fairly consistently, lately.  And since it's her kinship we're in, she gets to decide to where we'll transfer to - when the time comes (which is still a bit down the road).

* And by "active" I mean I logged in from time-to-time.  But as that toon is dedicated to running with my friend, I do not actually run content with him.  At least, for now.  I'm hoping one day, soon-ish, we might start running again.

** According to the official FAQs (which I'm thinking haven't been updated for some time, because other items in the FAQ I know are no longer true). a kinship will auto-disband, if the leader goes "inactive" for a preset number of days.  One can usurp "long" before that time is up, though.

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