Monday, August 31, 2015

And Then There Was One

In my last post, I had mentioned that my "quest completionist" toon was down to (3) heroic-elite, non-raid (and non-challenge) quests left to run:  "Power Play", "Dreaming Dark", and "A New Invasion".  Now, only "A New Invasion" remains.

This weekend, seeing as I really didn't have anything else to do, I went ahead and ran both "Power Play" and "Dreaming Dark" solo* - twice.  Not twice on 'elite' - that would be silly - but twice because I had only completed them on 'normal' and I am not a VIP player.  So one run was on 'hard' to unlock 'elite' (and then the other on 'elite', of course).

{Warning:  The following *may* contain spoilers.  Read no further if you don't want to see them - if there even are any.  But, yes there are...maybe.}

"Power Play" is classified as an "escort" quest.  But at least it's not a 'keep this person alive' escort quest, which most of the play-base would agree are detestable - unless the escort can at least somewhat defend themselves (but even then...).  One of the optionals is to not let any of the Cannith crystals be destroyed.  On 'hard', this did not become an issue until you had 'activated' all of them.  But on 'elite', I had (2) destroyed before getting to the 'water' room.  I assume this is WAI, but was a bit unexpected.  Not that it would have mattered - hard to be in 2 or 3 places at the same time, when you're running solo.  Good thing it's only optional.

"Dreaming Dark" was not too bad.  End fight was tough, and I did die a couple of times on 'elite', but with a hireling FvS, (2) owlbears, and an onyx panther it was manageable - though the hireling was out of spell points near the end.  Just remember to go after the optional chest BEFORE you enter the last 'arena'.

It was a good thing I was grossly over-level.  I imagine trying to solo these quests on 'elite' at level would be...harrowing, to say the least.  Still, being grossly over level does not guarantee a victory, because I'm still grossly over level for "A New Invasion" but I doubt that I would be able to get that one completed on 'elite', solo.

...not even with a hireling, (2) owlbears and an onyx panther.

* For those of you not paying attention, "solo" (for me) means no other player-characters - hirelings and hireling-like pets are allowed.

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