Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I've Got 99 Posts, Son...

Which of course means my next post will be number 100...for this site, anyways.  I've been trying to come up with something "special" for post 100, but so far, I got nothin'.

In any event, let me point out a couple of changes here at ol' Chez CR.

First, since I already had a post about how to leave a comment as a guest, which does not require signing into anything, I've gone a put a permanent link to said post over in the left-hand column area, just below the "translate" link.

You know, over there <-----.

Second, Blogger has a default mobile template that is turned on by, um, well, default.  Unfortunately, it seems that most plug-ins are not visible in the default mobile template by, um, default.  Which means that the Disqus* plug-in does not show up, but the default Blogger commenting widget does.  Fortunately, there are a couple of ways around these annoying, even if minor, quirks**.  So, what I have done (at least for now, meaning I may or may not change it later) is to disable Blogger's default mobile layout, in favor of using my regular layout as the layout for mobile devices.

A (minor) side effect to this is that the text does not (as far as I know) auto-scale on your mobile device.  Which means it'll look kinda small, depending on the size of your device, until you manually zoom in.  (Though we all know it's not the size of your device, but how you use it that really counts.  But I digress...)  There may also be a lot of sliding back and forth to read complete sentences, but hey; better than a sharp stick in the eye.

But one of the upsides to this is that the Disqus widget is visible (and usable) on your mobile devices, so now you should be able to comment right along with the PC crowd.  [I can actually enable the Disqus widget (so I read) in the default mobile layout, but I haven't gotten a round tuit, yet, and changing to use my regular layout was much easier.]

Third, I've made some minor color changes.  Well, OK, one color change.  And I'd bet dollars to doughnuts*** that none of you would have even noticed it, if I hadn't mentioned it.  So, without me saying any more, can you spot the change?

And I think I'll wrap things up for this post.  Bet you thought I was going to link to the song "99 Problems", but I really don't care for the use of a certain term that, while accurate for describing a female dog, is unacceptable (to me) when applied to a human female (though I will admit that, with most things, there are a few exceptions; but very few).  However, just so you're not completely disappointed, I leave you with a link to another song with "99" in the title.  (Or the alternate language version, here, if you prefer.)

* How many of you first read "Disqus" as "disk us" and not "discuss"?  Come on - be honest...

** "Quirks" not "quarks", as in the sub-atomic particles; "Quarks" as in multiple copies of a Ferengi bar owner on Deep Space 9, "quarks", as in numerous varieties of curdled sour milk products; "Quarks", as in episodes of a short-lived (8 episodes, total), American TV show (I remember that show); "Quarks", songs that share (at least part of) the same title; or "Quarks", as in any of several other references that could be made.  Who knew there were so many different types of quarks?

*** And apparently the built-in spell-checker here does not recognize the correct, primary spelling of "donuts" (which, yes is the alternate, yet still correct, spelling).  Furthermore, it also does not recognize the singular form of the alternate spelling (i.e. "donut").  Weird.

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