Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Same 'Ol Rhetoric

SSG announced the other day some up-coming changes in DDO.  And, as usual, the forum-populace goes ballistic.

OK, OK - yes, a little 'click bait' there, but just a little.  As with any change, there are those who oppose them, those who embrace them, those who are taking a "wait-and-see" attitude, and those who seem to have fallen asleep and just don't give a flying...fig.

I suppose I'm mostly in the "wait-and-see" category.  Oh, I know there have been certain proposed changes that I have vehemently opposed, but really, for the most part, I see it this way:  It's their game and they can change it if they want to.  I may not agree with the changes, but ultimately, I really don't have much of a say in the matter.  Well, at least, most of the time.

Still, the absolute rage thrown around in various posts is...unfortunate.  Unfortunate in that it doesn't surprise me.  Which is sad.  I know that the (semi-)anonymity of the internet gives people an excuse to behave poorly, but did their parents not teach them even the basics of social interaction?  Or perhaps it's just that they don't care about anyone but themselves.

I understand that people can be very passionate about numerous things, and when one even in the most round-about way seems (to that one person) to be 'dis-ing' the object of that passion, tempers can flair.  However, that is a poor excuse for some of the behavior I've seen.  But as is too often the case in the current realm of posters, many tend to take a knee-jerk reaction and spew whatever comes into their head without really thinking about what they are posting.

On the bright side, these types of posts from devs are usually welcome (regardless of whether the populace agrees or disagrees with the specific content) and they do invite a dialog with the players.  And this is a good thing.  I just hate to see the tirades that inevitably come with them, as well.

So if you have an opinion and you wish to express it - either in favor, opposition, or "meh" - please do.  Just also please use some common courtesy.  You can be passionate, but you don't need to be rude.  And just because someone bashes your post/argument/you doesn't mean you need to return the favor.  Just suck it up and move on - don't feed the trolls.  Nor be one yourself.

I never* am.

* What?  Never?  Well - hardly ever.

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